Why Does this Page Exist?

Hello, I'm Matt-- and I'm a sports fan.

Not just any sport's fan, either.  An Atlanta sports fan.  And while that might not mean much to some of you, anyone else from the ATL knows the point blank bitch-slap our teams are capable of.  I've had my guts handed to me more than a few times.

But I know I'm not alone.

There are countless other fans out there suffering the same frustrations, sure.  And let's face it-- not everyone understands us.  For many of us, our spouses, co-workers, and even friends don't truly appreciate the torture we endure for the sake of our teams.  Whether they're real or fantasy.

So I've decided to put off heart disease for a few more years and create a place where I can vent and hear the sad tales of other, sadomasochistic fans, too.  Hopefully we can get through this together, even if we do come from different backgrounds.

Except for Saints fans, of course.  You can all feel free to suck it.